Valentine’s Day Ice Challenge at Canalside Buffalo

Promotional and Minority Outreach Event

Client opened their new ice skating rinks and wanted to make sure the minority community was aware of the new winter activities at Canalside and encouraged organizations to host winter events at the designation.

Jackson Parker was working with Pinnacle Athletics, a new physical fitness facility that offered obstacle course training workouts designed to fit an array of fitness performance goals. The minority owners wanted to promote their business by introducing a new event. Jackson Parker saw a “win win” promotional opportunity for both clients and created the Valentine’s Day Ice Challenge at the Ice at Canalside. The event was a success despite the winter wonderland conditions. The contestants were excited and embraced the wintery scene as another obstacle to overcome.

Jackson Parker developed the event plan, marketing materials, promotional plan and implemented media and social media strategy in addition to providing onsite event management and coordination.

On Valentine’s Day 4 couples completed 4 short rounds of obstacle course fitness and activities as creating and performing a dance on ice. Participants received prizes from local sponsors and a special gym membership from Pinnacle Athletics Sports Group.

Results: Canalside and Pinnacle Athletics received media coverage and there was an increase in minority visitors to Canalside.

Community and Minority Outreach, Digital and Social Media Development and Maintenance

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National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)


Strategic Community and MWBE and Minority Outreach

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