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Day Care Center Branding Project

Task: Develop a brand and messaging and marketing materials for 11 daycare centers that offered head start curriculum.

Solution: Developed branding and promotional items for 11 Day Care Centers

Project Included: Developed a Brand Overview to evaluate the branding items needed. The Brand Brief included a list of questions to capture each day care owner’s vision, history, and current branding and marketing items.

Daycare owners needed: new logos, taglines, brochures, postcards, stationery and websites The development process included interviewing each daycare owner, writing copy for marketing items, developing logos and captions, selecting quality photos that helped tell each day care story and proving guidance in identifying each day care value proposition. A branding note book was developed for each owner that included marketing tips and a website usage guide. In addition, all design elements were provided on a jump drive and provided to the daycare owners.

Branding Strategy, Graphic Design, Website Design and Content Development

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